YEAR 3!!!!

So, year three is now four weeks in and I feel settled. However, the work is starting to pile up already! So here is a little update on what I’m doing at the moment…

Our Reinventing Classics module is now in full swing. We are reinventing a reinvention…following? Good. It is a play by Caryl Churchill based on Euripides’ ‘The Bacchae’. Really messed up play, seven characters have their life disrupted in some way and therefore become possessed during an ‘undefended day’. This possession leads to a transformation within the character. I have been cast as Derek, who is struggling remember what it is to be a man.

Our Thesis Production module has slowly been building up. We are now down to our final six potential shows (four of which will eventually be chosen). I have two pitches which I have taken on. Both are devised pieces of theatre. ‘1984’ (George Orwell novel) was pitched by Hannah Sinclair-Robinson, and ‘Inferno’ based on Dante Alighieri’s lengthy poem based on a journey through the seven layers of hell.If either of them is picked I shall be directing a full scale production to be presented in May 2012.The other four productions that made the final six pitches include ‘Punk Rock’, ‘The Arsonists’, ‘Some Girls’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Sweeney Todd rehearsals have also started. Exciting for Pretty Ugly Theatre Co, and I am potentially working on a play with former RSC Director Laurence Boswell at Bath’s Ustinov Studio.

As well as all of this we are also learning to dance Jane Austin style, which is alot of fun!

That about covers it! I shall be posting alot more now that uni has started again, so keep reading :)