Merging: Doublespeak / Pretty Ugly

I have decided to merge my two theatre companies together this summer! Pretty Ugly Theatre Co. will join forces with my new company Doublespeak. 

I have decided to take this action as there is no need to have two companies at this point in my career. As I have matured throughout my three years at University I have come to understand that every company needs its own identity. Pretty Ugly was my first venture onto the scene as a director / producer, however the range of theatre being created by the company varies massively. Our first production, To Be Blind… was a very dark, intense piece of promenade theatre, whereas The Clinic for Depressed and Failing Heroes and Villains was a hilarious comedy. Two opposite ends of the spectrum.

Under Doublespeak I directed A State of Silence which was an expressionist, physical production designed to provoke the minds of its audience into asking questions about their own lives; this is what I want to do on a more regular basis. 

Doublespeak is the famous concept created by the British writer George Orwell and was done so to aid his warnings in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. By keeping this in the name of the company everyone will automatically associate us with Orwell, hence creating an identity.

Doublespeak Theatre Co. breaks down the boundaries between naturalism and expressionism to combine the two worlds. Our work is complex yet accessible and we communicate our ideas and feelings through a physical, imaginative and thought-provoking style.